”Music inspired by Roy Andersson’s films. It can’t be anything but a success” 
- Musikguiden i P3.

”This year’s best curated collection of black and white retro footage” 


Lymland is the brainchild of Sonja Perander and Jerker Kaj.

The bands third album Söder is entirely recorded on a portable cassettedeck. Through a four track Lymland has created a tension where the characteristics tape echo, rhodes origan and the plucking guitar track together with a few lonesome piano chords recorded with a hand held Sennheizer microphone, placed deep inside the pianos hammer chamber giving Söder the contrast to stand against the otherwise swelling soundscape.

Built up by organs, guitars, buzzing, humming and clever melodies, the Swedish duo Lymland has created a world on their own held together by an honesty and simplicity, but also sprawling in an intriguing way between instruments like accordion and clarinet and amplified guitars and synthesizers. A movement between harmony and discord.