jonatan nästesjö.

"[...]Exceptional, and a lovely addition to any music collection" 
- Badd Press 

"[...] ever-increasing composition that hold surging drones of pure white noise in tension with roiling percussion buried deep in the mix" 
- Tome of the Weather Machine 

"[...] Nordic Meditations for a microcosm of echoes and frequencies"

- Music Wont Save You

There Is An End In Everything That Comes Into Being was recorded by Jonatan Nästesjö between 2012 and 2016 using organs, piano, guitars, synthesizers, field recordings, and homebuilt software. The album was originally supposed to be a part of a trilogy, functioning as the bookend to the thematic whole. However, in 2016 Jonatan’s computer was stolen together with the body of work that he had worked on for a substantial amount of time. No backup of the project files existed. 

As faith would have it, one of the albums could be recovered through email exchanges as .wav- files, and although this made any further work on the tracks impossible, this sudden loss of control served as an end to the process of composition. There is an end in everything that comes into being. 

It is tempting to speculate how the nine tracks would be perceived next to its two sibling albums, but comparing it with Jonatan’s earlier releases we are presented with something that has taken a turn towards the darker. Once warm and enclosing, the soundscape is now spacious and barren. Where we used to hear chirping birds and the bussing of natural objects, we hear piano, echo, and distortion. Such description matters little, but it was clear to us that this album needed to be finished. 

We are very pleased to present an album that has been birthed, lost, recovered, and finally completed. Now, as we release it to you it ends.