Straight out of the Malmö underground comes Insaunas, neo folk with one foot in lo-fi ethics and the other one in a song writing tradition that brings to mind the early American 2000s, but all the while with an unconditional originality that is both enchanting and deceiving. It’s flattering to think that we get to be a part of the early years of a band of this pedigree, the likes of which are usually exclusively originating from sometime around 30 years ago.

Hyperboles aside, when we heard Insaunas record for the first time it wasnt a fully accomplished and polished production that captured us, but an urgency in the songwriting that crushes the listener, something that invokes what we in Sweden call “allmoge”, something that is both brutal and pious at the same time.

Enough said, Insaunas debut is out on Nytt Arkiv. Order and stream here.